Core values

We are a smart development company mixing talented, passionate and community-driven developers making racing games for the players and sharing core values!

Teamplay makes the difference
  • We share our expertise and best practices to help each other and improve everyone's skills
  • We listen to others and discuss with respect and without judgement
  • We make better games together, We are all Eden
Community driven
Players first!
  • We refine our games to provide high expectation features to our community
  • We build a long-term relationship with our players
  • We make games for our players
be bold and be proud of your work!
  • We are a flexible organisation empowering its employees to take ownership of their tasks
  • We encourage self-development and creative risks
  • We aim for top quality content
push the boundaries even further!
  • We develop a collective intelligence through actions stimulating our creativity
  • We break the code and create new game rules.
  • We’re at the cutting edge of technology.
our driving force!
  • Passion inspires and animates each Eden employee
  • We are videogame lovers
  • Motorsports fuels in our veins